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How To Improve Email Click-Through Rates

We all know that the internet provides the things we want and need with just a few clicks of a button. How many times have you seen ads that promise products, services, and huge “you’re our millionth visitor” prizes that are just one click away? Okay, we’re not saying that you should actually click on those ads—in fact, it’s probably best if you don’t. But the presence and capabilities of these ads does highlight an important concept in email marketing… click-through rates.

Mary Dolan
8 min read
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How To Improve Email Open Rates

Sending emails that don’t get opened can be frustrating—you’ve crafted the most engaging content, used a witty subject line, and even included a hilarious, relatable gif from The Office. What is going on with your low open rates?

Mary Dolan
8 min read
  • Email DIY

Email Open Rates: Decoded

Sending email is one thing; having someone open the email is another. Your open rate with any given list is one of the first measurements of success, and it should be. If you’re sending emails and nobody is opening them, chances are something in your strategy is mucking up your open rate.

Natalie Hays
4 min read

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