A powerful email service provider built with your business in mind

That’s what you need if you want your email marketing campaigns to be successful. Email service providers power your marketing efforts and ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Push through the fear of hitting “send” and make it to the inbox with the right email service provider by your side.

What are email service providers?

Commonly known as ESPs, they’re one of the most powerful pieces of software in your sales and marketing tech stack. Send thoughtful, well-designed emails, create personalized email messages, and create a solid, repeatable marketing strategy designed to build your business — and make customers happy.

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How to find the best email service provider

Today, email is still the best channel to reach your audience where they are. Whether you’re creating bulk email marketing campaigns or responding to user-initiated requests, you want to make sure you’re sending emails from an ESP that has your needs in mind.

Some small businesses start off trying to send marketing and transactional emails from free email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, GMX Mail, or Hotmail. With these free email get what you pay for. They have daily email send and storage limits —Google and G Suite is set at 500 — making it challenging for marketers to use these email accounts for campaigns.

To communicate confidently and consistently with your customers no matter what email clients they use, you need an email service provider to use in tandem with your personal email account.

Mailgun’s cloud-based infrastructure scales with you so you can worry less about email storage, SMTP servers, and storage space. But it’s Mailgun’s RESTful API that sets us apart from other email service providers. Our system seamlessly integrates into your web application or mobile app so you can have your company’s messaging protocol up and running in no time.

Advanced email tools to boost your campaigns

As a business email service provider, Mailgun offers advanced features designed by developers for developers.

Here’s what makes Mailgun the best email service for transactional and marketing emails:

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Plug in with a flexible email API

Think outside the box with our customizable API-based email service. Add domain names, custom domains, and verify email domains so all your emails come from you. Send both HTML and plain-text format emails customized for mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone or Microsoft’s Android or webmail applications like AOL.

Make sure your emails make it to the inbox with advanced analytics

Use Mailgun to send emails and then check on email campaign data via our email deliverability experts in real time. Make sure your messages avoid the spam filters from major email clients:

  • Gmail remains the world’s most popular email client (65.3%)

  • Yahoo Mail is the second-most popular email client in the United States (14.2%)

  • Outlook is the second-most popular email client in France, Spain, and the UK (with 19.7%, 20%, and 30.6% of users respectively)

What does this mean for you? You’ll need to consider more than just how the email looks in your own inbox, especially when it comes to deliverability.

Our dashboard serves as a campaign monitor – offering tools for reporting, email tracking, and A/B testing, so you can monitor email campaigns and grow your company’s reach. See which messages are sparking customer engagement on social networks and social media. And check on the best times to schedule email messages.

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Send targeted email marketing campaigns with seamless automation

Your customers expect the best. So why not deliver it? Rather than batching-and-blasting hundreds of emails at once, segment your lists by behavior, interest, account potential, and more. Forget about spreadsheets — take care of it directly in your ESP.

All the functionality you need to create targeted, personalized emails that resonate with your customers. With Mailgun, you have opportunities for endless customization:

  • Trigger emails automatically based on website behavior, like abandoned cart emails, content downloads, transactional receipts, and more.

  • Send to customers by persona. The mailing list API divides address lists into different segments for varied interest groups or different use cases. Each segmented mailing list contains a group of members which itself has an email address, like

  • Keep lists squeaky clean. With automatic suppressions and other list management features, you never have to worry about sending to unsubscribed users or those who have submitted spam complaints.

GDPR? CAN-SPAM? No problem.

Mailgun helps you stay in compliance with the CAN SPAM act and the GDPR. We automatically suppress the email addresses on your subscriber list when people unsubscribe or email addresses become invalid and bounce. We also have enhanced security and data processing measures in place to assist customers in their EU data protection efforts.

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Try the best free email solution out there

See what you can accomplish with the world's best email delivery platform. As you grow, we scale with you, empowering you to send unlimited emails. Need more help? We also offer deliverability consultants as part of our managed email service that proactively monitors your email account.

Businesses need an email service provider that is optimized for email marketing and triggered emails. Try Mailgun to see if it is the best email marketing service for your needs.

Check out our plans to bundle together features for better deliverability. For businesses that send over 100,000 emails.


Everything you need in an ESP

Mailgun delivers powerful features that set your email marketing campaigns up for success. Automate sends, segment your email lists, boost your deliverability, and more — plus always-on technical support for all of your emails.

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