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Common technical terms in email

Stay current and expand your email knowledge with our list of common technical terms.

Reactivation email

A reactivation email, or re-engagement email, is sent to users no longer engaging with a brand (usually after a period of about three months). Even if users initially sign up to receive the brand’s communications, they may change their minds over time and stop opening marketing emails. This is when the brand can entice them back with promotional coupons, discounts, and offers.

To identify a disengaged user, senders analyze metrics like open rates. If the user hasn’t opened any emails for the past 90 days or clicked on any calls-to-action (CTAs) for the past 30 days, they’re considered disengaged. Reactivation campaigns can be effective and may incentivize the user to re-engage.

For healthy email lists, all campaigns should include unsubscribe links in case the user isn’t interested anymore and doesn’t want to receive emails in the future.

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