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Email list cleaning is a critical, but not super exciting, part of any successful email campaign. With Mailgun, you can get a clean email list without having to do as much of the tedious legwork yourself.

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Why Email List Cleaning Is Essential

Have you cleaned your email lists lately? If you’re in email marketing, then a quarterly cleanup isn’t optional. Getting rid of hard bounces can increase your bulk email list quality. Otherwise, you’re dealing with a plummeting email deliverability rate, and that’s not fun. Your email deliverability rate is a huge metric for email marketing. If you’re emails aren’t actually landing in inboxes, you can’t get conversions.

Going through email addresses to find ones that bounce is time-consuming. There’s no way around it unless, of course, you use an email service provider that can automatically suppress emails to email addresses that has bounced. That’s where Mailgun comes in.


4 Types of Bad Emails

Bounces: These are email delivery failures due to mailbox errors. The user’s mailbox could be full, or the email address could be wrong. Bounces are common because of invalid email addresses and disposable email addresses. An email verification service can help you verify emails so this happens less frequently.

Inactive recipients: Are your email recipients actually opening their emails from you? Maybe they signed up using a secondary email that’s inactive, or they didn’t mean to opt in at all. Or perhaps they just aren’t as interested in your product or service anymore. You can raise the quality of your email list by periodically checking for inactivity and removing users who haven’t opened an email recently.

Unsubscribes: If a user unsubscribes, they shouldn’t get another email campaign from you, but if you manage your subscriber lists manually, you might not remove them straight away. An email service provider or email marketing service can help you keep track and get rid of users who don’t want to hear from you. This is extremely important for your spam reputation. Marketing automation tools can automatically remove users who request to be removed, freeing up your time for other valuable tasks.

Complaints: Every time an email user marks your email as spam, you get a ding on your IP and domain reputation score. When a user marks your emails as spam, he doesn’t want to see future emails, and shouldn’t be on your mailing list. Keep your sender reputation where it needs to be by staying aware of spam complaints as they happen, and taking action to make sure they don’t happen again.

How to Make Email List Cleaning Easy

That’s a lot of bad email types. To manage your email list manually, you’d have to conduct frequent list cleanings by hand, including bulk email checks. And chances are, you just don’t have the time or manpower.

However, email list cleaning doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Beat the spam folder trap by using an email list hygiene tool to clear out email addresses that shouldn’t be there. With real-time email verification and other list services, you can take some of the pressure off and still reap the benefits of using a clean list.

Get A Clean List Without All the Work

How do you get a clean mailing list without putting in all the work? It’s easy:

  1. Use a service to notify you every time you get a bounced or otherwise bad email
  2. Set up that service to take a certain action every time a rule is fulfilled (e.g. an email bounces > the email address is removed from the list). These are known as webhooks.
  3. Sit back and see your email list hygiene improve without actually needing to do anything.
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Get Started with Mailing List Cleaning

With the use of an email validation service that uses webhooks to track bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, and hard bounces automatically, you’ll be ahead of the game. When that service automatically takes action to clean your email list when it encounters a disposable email, then you’re working smart.

Make email verification easy. Make sure you’re not wasting resources sending emails to typos and spam traps.

Mailgun can help with our email list cleaning services. Get a free account now and check out how our scalable bulk email marketing solutions can help your business as it grows.

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Explore Beyond Email List Cleaning

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies in need of email list cleaning.


A bad email address is a lost customer

Over 20% of your email database will go bad this year. Invalid email addresses result in unnecessary bounces, drive down your engagement metrics, damage your sender reputation, and cost you money.

How much time and money are you wasting on bad leads?

Pathwire’s entire business is sending email. We send more than 250 billion emails every year, so we’ve hashed the majority of active email addresses. We know what’s deliverable and what’s not.

Plus, our quick Email Verification software is part of an integrated suite of deliverability features and services. You don’t have to worry about wasting time and effort switching between different platforms and data sources.

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