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Make email list management less painstaking. Increase the ROI of your marketing and transactional emails with a clean list of email addresses.

Boost Your ROI with Email List Management

An email list, especially one that’s managed well, can be a highly valuable asset. According to a 2016 survey by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), email generates a 122% ROI – far better than any other marketing channel including social media and search. But to achieve that high ROI with your email campaigns, it’s critical to stay on top of list management.

What follows are some of the ways that Mailgun’s email list management services can improve your business, especially the ROI of email marketing campaigns.

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Tools for Managing Your Email List

Our mailing list and email validation tools let you focus on your email marketing without fussing with the technical details.

With Mailgun’s automatic suppression, emails will not go where they’re not supposed to go. For instance, our suppression list blocks emails from going to someone who has unsubscribed from your email list or who has flagged one of your emails as spam. This functionality prevents you from running into trouble with anti-spam laws. Also, hard bounces are added to the suppression list.

You can also use Mailgun’s logs, stored for up to 30 days, to gather insights into exactly what happened with each email address on your contact list.


Email Address Validation

Overall, Mailgun’s list management services provide comprehensive email verification and a three-step validation check for each email address on your list. Contact management has never been easier.

All of this validation happens in real time thanks to Mailgun’s real-time validation API.

With email validation, you won’t waste time and money on email addresses that don’t exist, and you’ll make sure your sender reputation is strong.

List Segmentation

Simply put, list segmentation improves open rates and click rates for email marketing campaigns.

Mailgun enables the powerful ability to divide your email list into smaller sections in order to send highly targeted emails — the right messages for the right audiences. For instance, segmentation can be based on company size, demographics, content downloads, and many other factors.

By default, each Mailgun sending domain can have up to 5,000 active tags, with more tags available upon request. This lets you track each message type and version you send via Mailgun. Every email can be tied to as many as three tags, offering numerous levels of segmentation for your email list.

Tags also make it simple to do A/B testing on your marketing emails so that you can pick the best font sizes, colors, call-to-action messages, and other elements of your email marketing campaign.


Email List Management Consulting

Mailgun’s managed service gives you a dedicated account manager who can help navigate the challenges of email list management. Our account managers use sophisticated tools to detect potential problems before they affect deliverability for your email campaigns. With Mailgun’s managed service, you also get:

  • Technical API support from our engineers.
  • IP and domain reputation management.
  • Proactive monitoring of your email program.
  • Expert guidance on your delivery challenges and regular, one-on-one consultations.

Software developers from a variety of enterprises rely on our managed service to ensure email marketing automation runs as smoothly as possible.

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